Tinga & Chili Beef Taco Kit

Tinga & Chili Beef Taco Kit

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Can't decide if which you prefer? You can have both! Everything you need is included in the kit, but if you like, some lime and cilantro are a great addition. 

The whole kit is gluten free 

Kit (4-5 people) includes: 

1 x Chicken Tinga (400g)
1 x Shredded Chili Beef (400g)
2 x Fresh Corn Tortillas (12 tortillas)
1 x Salsa Ranchero
1 x Roasted Salsa Verde

Note about our Gluten Free products: Though we do not use any ingredients that contain gluten, there may be trace amounts from the facilities where these ingredients, such as spices, were produced. Therefore we cannot recommend them to anyone who suffers from an extreme gluten allergy.