Dry Rub BBQ Pork Ribs with Potato Salad

Koko & Roy Deli Dry Rub BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

Annah "Koko" Syta

By Annah "Koko" Syta 
Level of recipe difficulty: Easy

What exactly is American BBQ? Well, I’ve come to find that unless you experience it first hand, for non-Americans it can be a little hard to fully understand. In Australia or England, a barbeque is a grill. “Come over for a barbeque” means the same as it would if a Polish person were to invite you over to the dzialka to do some grilling. Korean BBQ? Well, that also refers to cooking food on a grill.

But when it comes to American BBQ, the definition becomes a little more murky. No, it’s not that something simply has BBQ sauce on top of the meat, as I have often been asked. Essentially, BBQ refers to a much more complex cooking system - often involving the very slow roasting and smoking of large slabs of meat in specially designed cooking vessels. It’s often served with what people know as a classic BBQ sauce, but if it’s served without it? It’s still BBQ! If the sauce is made from mustard instead of brown sugar, tomatoes and molasses, such as Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce? Yes, that is still BBQ. Alabama White Sauce? Same. 


Koko & Roy Deli Dry Rub Ribs Recipe


BBQ is an incredibly fascinating and beautiful style of cuisine that’s layered with history and local influence. It takes a long time to master - “pitmasters” as they are called, are those who have tamed the fire, put in the time to know how a cut of meat will differ each time it’s cooked, based on its age and fat content. And despite always being an important part of the American culinary roadmap, BBQ has had a huge resurgence in popularity in the US and abroad in the last decade, and we’re excited to bring some of its spirit and deliciousness to you! 

So I suppose the question of the day is, after mentioning the time that goes into becoming a pitmaster, how am I expecting people to do this at home? Well, truth be told, neither your BBQ, nor mine, will turn out like that of a South Carolina pitmaster. You can, however, get close, at least close enough to be surprised at how amazingly your efforts turned out. You just need the right ingredients - like our Texas Style Dry Rub, some good quality meat, and a little bit of time. 


Keep in mind that despite this recipe requiring a little time, it is REALLY easy. Both the ribs and the potato salad couldn't be simpler. 

Note: Butchers cut pork differently in Europe, so if you are after a fully classic American experience, you can specially request baby back ribs from your butcher. That said, we used regular Polish cut ribs for this recipe and they turned out great. 

Let's Begin!

This recipe serves around 4 people


Method for Ribs:
  1. Take your pork out of the fridge 1-2 hours before cooking it* and rub generously with Texas Style Dry Rub
  2. Heat your oven to 150C
  3. Cover the ribs in foil 
  4. Cook for 5 hours 
  5. After 5 hours, increase the temperature to 170C, take off the foil, and cook for a further 30 min. 
  6. Take Pork out and rest for 30 min before serving 

*NEVER cook meat that has come straight out of the fridge. If you do this, the meat fibers will tense up and you’ll be left with something that is the opposite of moist and delicious. 

Method for Potato Salad: 

  1. Boil your potatoes for 20 minutes in heavily salted water.
  2. Cool them on a flat surface and once they are hot enough to handle, cut them into 3cm cubes
  3. Pour a desired amount of dressing on your potatoes (though we end up using the whole bottle for 1 kg of potatoes) 
  4. Stir in chives and serve! 


And that’s it! Make sure you tag us on social media (@kokoroydeli) with pics of your finished dishes! Keep in mind that you can also use the Texas Style Dry Rub on beef (especially brisket) and chicken. See the chart below for cooking times! 

Until next time
xoxo Koko